Re: antenna diversity / antsel configuration

From: Michael Codanti (
Date: 2002-08-22 02:52:25 UTC

> > Anyway, there might be differences between cards, so always better to
> > read the original values and do bitops on them and write new values.
> > You should also note that these values do not survive HW reset since
> > they are not saved anywhere in the driver data.
> I tested this a bit today. This definitely seems to do something.
> FWIW, a list of default 18/20 values for a few cards:
> 18 20
> Senao 162 200
> Zcomax 162 188
> DLink 162 248
> My basic test was with the Zcomax, attaching the little antenna rotated
> 90 degrees so that one antenna port has a definite disadvantage. From
> this it can be seen that 18/20 set to 164/191 uses the antenna port by
> the LEDs, 160/189 the other.

Jerritt, thanks for taking the time to test this out.

> > If this works as expected, I could add option for configuring antsel
> > for RX and TX with something like 0=diversity, 1=low, 2=high.

Jouni now that we know this works, when do you think you can get a chance to add it as an option to the driver so that it will survive resets and such? Of course then it will be nice to have a little database for each card specifing which port is high and which one is low.



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