PRISM2 FW 1.4.9 for linksys WMP11 ?

From: Avishai Wool (
Date: 2002-08-20 12:51:12 UTC

I have the same situation.
my wmp11 came with firware 1.3.1.
I upgraded it using the linksys utility to 1.4.2. then I tried to upgrade to 1.4.9:

got error message:

"Incompatible Platform - OEM notice
 This image will not work on the selected card.  current card platform is 8013, image built for  8002, 8002, 8003, 8003, 8004, 8008"  

Someone reported that they managed to do this successfully: could you post your .HEX file and/or tips as to what I did wrong?


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