Re: Automatically create WDS bridges

From: Jouni Malinen (
Date: 2002-08-16 13:50:39 UTC

On Fri, Aug 16, 2002 at 12:01:10AM -0400, Martin Davidsson wrote:

> I would like to be able to make my computer running HostAP to be able to
> dynamically setup a bridge with a similar machine configuration as it is
> detected. I have been able to manually configure this as described in
> README.prism2. I've been playing around with the autom_ap_wds setting,
> but it doesn't seem to fully achieve what I would like :) With it
> enabled, neighboring HostAP machines MAC addresses show up in
> /proc/net/prism2/wlan0, but the actual bridging does not take place
> according to my testing. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks

I thought I had documented this, but apparently it is included in "TODO: write more documentation about this.." part of the monitoring other APs.. ;-)

Anyway, ChangeLog has following info about this:

In other words, you would need to run 'iwpriv wlan0 wds_add 00:00:00:00:00:00' N times after loading the driver and then add interfaces wlan0wds0 to wlan0wds<N-1> into bridge configuration. When new APs are detected after this, they will be assigned a pre-allocated interface that is already part of the bridge setup.

Other option would be to make an extra program for monitoring new WDS links and automatically add them to the bridge setup with brctl.

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