SMC 2632W Kernel Interrupt Handler Crash

From: J Yunke (
Date: 2002-08-15 20:21:38 UTC

Hi --

  The Prism 05/19 code on the site works fine with my SMC 2632W PCMCIA card.

  But the CVS snapshot from 8/14/2002 causes a 'lost interrupt handler,' only after an association and an amount of traffic is flowing. It is seemingly random but happens routinely within 5 minutes.

  Similar crashes occured with a CVS snapshot from several weeks ago with my SMC 2602W PLX card (which is just an SMC 2632W in a PLX-based PCI adapter). Again, using the 5/19 code works great.

  The kernel dump seems to only appear on the screen, so I can't include it here (unless someone can tell me how to trap that into a file).

  Anyone have any ideas why the SMC cards don't work on the recent CVS builds?

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