Differences between HostAP and OpenAP

From: Jon Bebeau (jbebeau_at_1nettw.net)
Date: 2002-08-15 19:46:27 UTC

Hello all,

I'm cross mailing this on two lists, so please excuse any duplications.

I'm trying to compare the functions and features of the HostAP project with that of OpenAP. My goal is to develop a "Cisco Like" Bridge 340/350 functionality but with some added features like IPv6 and a functional firewall. I've been monitoring both lists for many weeks now and have fought thought several problems, mostly with PRISM2.5 firmware. I've tried FreeBSD, Linux with HostAP and I'm about to tinker with the OpenAP.

I'm wondering if anyone out there can point me to specific features of one implementation over the other?

Thanks in advance,

(a.k.a. Jon)

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