firmware versions on linksys wmp11?

From: Avishai Wool (
Date: 2002-08-14 14:36:07 UTC

I understand that firmware 1.4.2 doesn't work with hostap. I have a linksys wmp11 pci card that's not working, on a linux redhat 7.3 box (kernel 2.4.18), possibly for other reasons, but...

  1. how do I find what firmware version my card has? is my only option to attach the pci card to a MS-Win machine and install the linksys software? I couldn't find a command in the Wireless Extensions tools that tells me the answer... I saw a posting by someone who uses freebsd and he/she had a way of finding out, is there an equivalent tool for linux?
  2. the linksys support site only has v1.04.02 as the latest firmware: where would I get a better one, and what tools should I use to install the newer firware on the linksys card?


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