Re: Best Prism card?

From: Michael Codanti (
Date: 2002-08-13 17:51:29 UTC

> >From what I heard Senao cards have a flaw, and after high load the card
> >overheats and output signal level goes berserk. DemarcTech claims that
> >they use completely different design, which does not have overheat
> >and have passed FCC tests. Discussions about that could be found in
> >equipment-l and isp-wireless mailing lists.
> I have these boards and everything looks fine, but I'm worried about this
problem, if it exist.
> I don't found information about this problem on the sites that Vladimir
give here.
> If anybody has more information about this Senao 200mW problem, please
post it.

The only place I have seen that problem mentioned is on the PTP list I am on, and it was mentioned by Tony from Demarch Tech. (Who just happens to sell Zcomax cards (which cost twice as much) instead of Senao ones)

The Senao cards have passed FCC cert. as well so I don't know what that person was trying to say.

I haven't had a chance to use a Senao card under heavy use, or in an outdoor case yet, but what I can tell you is the cards run VERY cool under normal client use, while the Zcomax 100mw cards I have run VERY VERY hot under normal use.


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