Problems with Power Control with Linksys WPC 11

From: root (
Date: 2002-08-12 02:32:01 UTC

Sorry to bother others,

I got two questions when I use the hostap_cs to make a wireless test bed. I want to set up a mobile Ad Hoc network within a lab.

  1. I used Linksys WPC 11 and Linksys WPC 11 version 3.0 cards in two Dell Notebooks. I used "iwconfig wlan0 txpower -50" to set power of tranmission to the minimum value. (I assum -44dBm is the minium one, correct me if I am wrong.) It seemed that the connection between these two laptops went down when the distance is around 8 meters. Did anybody do the similar test before and get smaller distance? This is still too long for me.
  2. When two machines' connection went down, I moved them closer. However, they still can't connect to each other. I checked the output of iwconfig. I was using the same essid and set the same channel. But the cell ID in one machine was changed automatically when the link went down. I guess that may be the reason. How can I fix the cell ID?

Thanks a lot!


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