system 2.4.19 crash

From: Ka Chun, Cheng (
Date: 2002-08-11 07:55:37 UTC

  I have been using 2.4.18 + kernel pcmcia(yenta) + wlan card + hostap cvs 1/july/2002 without problem. and I upgraded to 2.4.19, recompiled pcmcia user tools and hostap. it ran fine for a whole day(light traffic) and it crash 3 times within 30 mins on the other day(heavy traffic on wired lan, almost nothing on wlan)

1st: I cannot see the message since the screen was in save mode
2nd: same
3rd: something like kernel panic, icq not sync

not sure if it is my other hardware, I am reporting just in case something had similar problem...

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