Can't see higher rates in monitor mode

From: Glenn Judd (
Date: 2002-08-05 18:22:41 UTC

I'm using monitor mode (3 i.e. w/ Prism info) to observe 802.11 frames just fine with one major problem: packets sent faster than 2Mbps don't show up. iwconfig shows that the card is set to transmit at 11Mbps (I don't know that this should affect reception anyway).

I believe I've been able (in previous attempts) to see some 11Mbps packets, but I'm unsure if it's consistent. Does anyone know what's up here?

I've also, on occasion had trouble losing contact w/ the network while in monitor mode. (The led will start blinking, and wlansniff will exit with the message "recvfrom: Network is down". Is there any way to avoid losing contact?

(I'm using the CVS version from 2002-07-30 on Linux 2.4.10 w/ a D-Link DWL-650. I know I'm missing traffic since I'm generating it w/ another laptop, and since tcpdump can see the traffic when I'm not in monitor mode.)

One last question. Does anyone have a recommendation for a card (compatible with hostap_cs) that easily accepts an external connection?

Thanks in advance.


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