hfa384x_get_rid() ERROR

From: ■ (imp_at_airlinktek.com)
Date: 2002-08-09 08:27:39 UTC

Dear everyone...

I'm porting the hostap into uclinux kernel driver using 2002-05-29 version. my CPU has not MMU unit so the IO port directly map into card with linux memory map.

and I found some stranger issue.. like bellow attached debug message when I try to load driver using prism 2.0 card it looks like work correctly and client can access the AP but, when I try with prism 2.5 or 3.0 card the driver can't get any information from the card from hfa384x_get_rid()
.... I wonder to know... why ? are there anyone have any clue of this issue or
any experience something like this ????

Thanks for your attention...

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