Re: RICOH install

From: Andreas ye (
Date: 2002-08-08 00:49:38 UTC

On Wed, Aug 07, 2002 at 03:46:56PM +0000, Quintawifi1 wrote:


> >HI! I have some problems installing a C11idt Conceptronic card in my
> >pc.P-133Mhz.
> >
> >We are using Woody-Debian, con kernel 2.4.18bf2.
> >We have installed all modules necessary: pcmcia_cs,wireless-tools,
> >hotplug, wavemon, orinonoco_cs y and others to compile kernel .
> >
> >We have a problem with Cardbus support RICOH RL5C475.
> >We have tried things like "yenta_socket", "i82365","pci_irq_list=9"
> >o "irq_mode=0 o 1" ..... and it doen's work
> >
> >i send you the config file:
> >any suggestion??

Your P133 might be so old that it doesn't support the ricoh pci board. It refused to work in my P100, but worked fine in a PII-300 (Abit BH-6 motherboard) The ricoh pci-pcmcia adapter needs pci 2.2 support in order to work. You might actually be better off with the plx adapter (Not a pcmcia adapter but you can find drivers for prism2 in that adapter)

Andreas ye

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