VIA Epia motherboard

From: Jean-Michel POURE (
Date: 2002-08-07 17:17:43 UTC

Le Mercredi 7 Août 2002 18:55, Jason Boxman a écrit :
> > - DLINK DWL-520 or DWL-520+
> > - SMC 2602W (does not seem to have an external connector, carries a
> > PCMCIA card)
> I've used a single WMP11 PCI on my box, and it works. I do not believe it
> is a 100mW card, however. I think it's like 32mW or something. I used it
> with 2.4.18 on Debian, but it ought to translate to RH without a problem.

Is the D-Link DWL-520 a 100mW card?

I have installed RedHat 7.3 on a VIA Epia platform (800 Mhz), using a 256 Mo single partition (actually, to be replace by a 256 Mo flash memory). It works great. I plan to add:
- 2 PCI cards
- 2 USB cards

Does the prism2 driver support USB devices to build an AP?

Jean-Michel POURE

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