prismII cards

From: Dvir Oren (
Date: 2002-07-30 17:17:37 UTC

I'm planning to buy some cards to work with Host AP, and I came across several cards that I'm not sure whether they are prismII, and whether they work with Host AP.

I would appreciate any comments on these cards, and whether anybody had a positive experience using them with Host AP, so that I could buy the correct card.

Intel WPCI2011:
The Linux Wireless Howto claims that this is a prismII card, however it does not appear in the hostap_cs.conf file. Is this because it is a standard pci card that does not need an entry there? Has anybody worked with this card?

Intel WPC2011NA:
I found a link claiming that this is a prismII card. My guess is that it is incorrect. Does anybody have knowledge about this?

3Com 3CRWE737:
There seems to be some confusion regarding the A version and the 96B version. The A seems to be a Symbol card, but is this true for the 96B version as well, or is that a prismII card? Will any of these work with Host AP?

Thanks for the help.

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