Re: Host AP mode with STA f/w v1.4.x

From: Wayne Mitchell (
Date: 2002-07-30 10:54:34 UTC

The firmware update package at contains a WinUpdate flash utility. You obviously don't want the firmware but this self extracting archive also contains the WinUpdate-0-5-1-0.exe setup file. Execute it and it will setup the flash utility. I used this program in Windows2000 to update the firmware of my D-Link DWL-520.

It's an Intersil utility so I imagine that it would work on other cards. There are are tools in the utility that allow you to read current firmware versions, read driver version, show PDA contents, edit MAC address, dump firmware to file etc. Might be worth a try?

> Sorry people i'm a bit daft here....
> I've grabbed the 1.4.9 firmware....however where abouts can I get the
> utility?
> I'm planning to put the card in a Win98 box to flash it.

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