Re: Kennel Panic

From: Lensman (
Date: 2002-07-28 16:47:22 UTC

I got around to trying the lastest CVS version of the drivers this weekend, and I'm getting the same behaviour on my SMP box as has been reported previously.. It runs for a couple of minutes, and then kernel panic's

I've never really had to deal with a panic before, so I'm not too sure how to covert the addresses and numbers on my dead screen to something that's meaningful and might help give an idea of what/where the problem is...

However if someone wants to give me a quick dummies guide, I'm more than willing to crash the machine again and give any info I can =)


> On Thu, Jul 25, 2002 at 11:35:07PM +1000, Rob Fowler wrote:
> > kernel panic:
> > Oops: 0002
> > CPU: 0
> > EIP: 0010:<c01bfc0e>] Not tainted
> > Process: swapper - me: nothing else has even cause a fault in the
> > swapper on this well used machine with this same kernel
> > register and hex call stack ...
> > <0>kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
> > In interrupt handler - not syncing
> I would like to get call trace from that and parsed with ksymoops (i.e.,
> function names). If this is too much problem, then at least EIP and
> first few entries in the Call Trace resolved manually (kernel functions
> from and Host AP symbols by manually loading the modules with
> 'insmod -m hostap_pci.o >'.
> If the driver reports any errors, getting all kernel log messages to
> console could help a bit (e.g., with Alt-SysRQ-9), but I have a feeling
> that it will not. Well, anyway, the call trace could help a bit in
> solving this unless I can duplicate the problem myself.

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