Before I buy something: any suggestions?

From: Tom Mercelis (
Date: 2002-07-27 21:29:47 UTC


I want to turn my linux box into a Wireless Access Point. It has one Free ISA slot and several PCI slots.
The (at this moment only one) linux client pc only has a free PCI slots. I also have an iMac which one day has to be removed from the wired network and will need to have access to the wireless network. I've been looking the last days on several sites about this subject, and there seems to be such a variety of choises. But some of the technical data I don't understand:
What does it mean when a card has RF output power 15 dBm, and a sensitivity of -85 dBm @ 11 Mbps, and about antennas: what does xx dBi mean? The distance between the computers will be at most 30 meters (100 feet) through the walls of my house.
I don't feel like bungling with antennas, so wich product should I chose that meets all these requirements?

thanks in advance,

Tom Mercelis

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