HAP and Firmware AP identification

From: R Selvaraj (selvarajr_at_www.com)
Date: 2002-07-27 15:08:19 UTC

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Hello Sir,
While I connect an ORINOCO client to a Prism I Host AP and to an Accton AP box , I could able to observe some difference in way ORINICO identifies each AP.

While connecting to the Host AP the ORINOCO client dispalys it by a thin and plain white box. But the same ORINOCO client if connected to the Accton AP box it dispalys the AP with a thin black box also with the text "AP" written on it. So far I was thinking that to a WLAN station cann't identify the AP type,ie Firmware or Host AP. So I doubt whether anything is wrong with my Host AP driver :(

Could u pls clarify me.


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