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From: Lei chuanhua (
Date: 2002-07-26 10:42:53 UTC


      Linksys WAP11 client mode should work as a wireless station , just like  a wireless client. So you can test the following,
      AP client  <===> AP , AP client and AP should have the same SSID.
       I gave the above guess because I have implemented one AP client about 6 months. It works as the following,
     PC(1..n)====> (LAN port) AP client <==========> AP ===>wired network,
      Where LAN port has a ARP proxy server, that's all.

On Mon, Jul 08, 2002 at 05:37:15PM -0300, Pablo Berra wrote:

>> The Teletronics AP test was ok, setting it in infrastructure mode, but I can't connect the Linksys WAP11 setting it in Access Point Client mode.
>> Do you know why?

No. I do not have other AP devices and they seem to usually use proprietary mechanisms for AP to AP communication. If someone can give me a documentation for the used mechanism or a packet dump (including full 802.11 headers) of some example sessions with two APs, I could verify, whether it might be possible to implement compatible mechanism in the Host AP driver.

>> I was reading in the change log about WDS changes in the next release.
>> Will these changes affect this problem?

If you have another AP that uses IEEE 802.11 WDS frames (with four addresses in the header and both FromDS and ToDS flags), the new version should at least be able to send and receive compatible frames. This could allow configuration in which the host using Host AP would have two wlan cards, one in Repeater mode for WDS links and another acting as an access point in Master mode.


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