Re: Host AP mode with STA f/w v1.4.x

From: Robert Botha (
Date: 2002-07-26 07:08:00 UTC

>> żIs dangerous?
> There is a change of rendering the card in a non-working state by
> flashing something incorrect.. Fixing this would require somewhat
> complex method of reinitializing the flash and this might require some
> hardware modifications with some card models. In other words, it might
> be bit difficult to find free support for this. I have written some code
> for flashing with Host AP driver, but I will not be releasing it before
> I'm pretty sure it is working 100% correctly and tries to avoid any
> problems..

Hehe...I've messed up quite a few Samsung SWL-2000P cards using the prism2dl utility.
You have to double check that you flash the right firmware for the right hardware. Normally secondary firmware isn't a problem as long as the hw matches.

Robert Botha

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