Re: Host AP mode with STA f/w v1.4.x

From: Alejandro Lamas (
Date: 2002-07-25 23:07:04 UTC

I want to upgrade the firmware of two cards with the 1.4.2 secondary firmware but I'm lost.

I'll try the RAM-download you have explained and If it works I prefer to chage the firmware forever.

¿what I need to do it? ¿a flash-download?
¿could you please point me to some web where explain how to do it?
¿Can it be done under linux or i need another S.O.?
¿Is dangerous?

On Wednesday 24 July 2002 23:55, Jouni Malinen wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 24, 2002 at 07:35:36PM +0300, Jouni Malinen wrote:
> > While testing this, I also noticed that I have managed to break download
> > support in the latest CVS version.. ;-) Anyway, I'm using a semi-fixed
> > version in testing and will commit this to CVS after cleaning it up a
> > bit.
> This is now fixed in CVS.
> If you would like to test RAM downloadable secondary firmware, here are
> some example commands and dmesg output for this:
> # compile kernel with download support (currently only for RAM download)
> sudo make install_pccard
> # initializing card normally with flash versions
> NIC: id=0x800c v1.0.0
> PRI: id=0x15 v1.1.0
> STA: id=0x1f v1.4.2
> # just show firmware image info
> utils/prism2_srec wlan0 RF010409.HEX
> # this should tell which component is in question (station firmware
> # v1.4.9) and which platforms (NICID) are supported. After showing
> # firmware image info, the program compares requirements with the
> # initialized card. If everything is OK, the output should end in "OK.".
> # load the firmware image into card RAM and start using new version
> utils/prism2_srec -r wlan0 RF010409.HEX
> # after "OK.", the download starts "Downloading to volatile memory
> # (RAM)."
> # dmesg output shows download command and the memory areas. It then
> # initializes the card again, but stops initialization early and starts
> # writing image to card RAM ("Writing # bytes at 0x#"). After all data
> # has been initialized, the card is re-initialized again, but this time
> # with the downloaded image:
> NIC: id=0x800c v1.0.0
> PRI: id=0x15 v1.1.0
> STA: id=0x1f v1.4.9
> Version 1.4.2 did not work in Host AP mode, but the same card works fine
> after this RAM download.
> One thing to note about this is that the image loaded to RAM will
> disappear in next reset (whether it is card removal or recovery attempt
> of some error state) and prism2_srec needs to be re-run to update the
> image again.

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