Re: D-Link DWL-650 internals

From: Jouni Malinen (
Date: 2002-07-25 20:25:21 UTC

On Thu, Jul 25, 2002 at 12:41:42PM -0700, William R. Blodgett wrote:

> This might shed some light on your card, found it in a
> proposed FreeBSD kernel patch here:

> +#define WI_NIC_P2_SST 0x8008 /* Prism2 with SST flush
> */
> +#define WI_NIC_PRISM2_5 0x800C

Yes, that is probably correct, but not what Intersil uses in their firmware documents. I have collected a list of all the NICIDs I have seen in various documents and all 800B .. 8015 are described as "PRISM II", but I would guess that they all are Prism2.5.

> I'm curious what dmesg reports regarding your 0x8008
> card, the info on my 0x800c card is actually fairly
> verbose.

Current Host AP driver just reports NIC, PRI, and STA ids and versions. After getting next release out, I will move /proc/net/hostap/wlan0/rids to user space (ioctl for get_rid and set_rid) and write a program for showing more detailed information. Including list of NICIDs and dump BBP configuration etc. I don't think much of this info is needed in the driver, so keeping it in the user space program would be better.

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