Patch for Pheecom card

From: Joerg Dorchain (
Date: 2002-07-25 13:24:03 UTC

Hi Jouni,

I recently got a Pheecom WL-PCI card. Unfortunately it did not work with the hostap driver. The card shows up in lspci -n as: 00:0c.0 Class 0280: 15e8:0131 (rev 01)
To me it looks like an NDC OEM.
The card has a TMD7160 chip on it that interfaces between the PCI bus and the Prism2. Although I have no clue about PC architecture hacking, I managed to find some code snippets on the net from various sources (mainly the wlan-ng mailing list archieve) that were sufficient to make it work for me.

As it the patch is still somewhat ugly but in a "works-for-me" state, I'd like others to test and improve it.
The patch is appended. You can also find it at:

For more questions about the patch or the card, feel free to ask.



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