Re: Sniffing/Protocol problems

From: Omesh Tickoo (
Date: 2002-07-24 22:25:15 UTC

Thanks Jouni,

That does explain it. Its not critical for my work to understand how the AP handles WEP but seeing the different behavior of different cards made me ask the question.

I am trying to introduce a content sensitive scheduling policy at the hostap. Specifically I plan to introduce a couple of new management frame types(using reserved FC fields) and add a scheduler at the hostap. I was going through the source and at one point I thought of modifying hostapd for introducing the scheduler. But after checking the code thoroughly I am not sure if that is a good idea. For one, I might not be able to test my scheduler unless I change the hostapd to use actual applications for data transfer. Am I wrong in saying this? I make this statement beacuse all hostapd does to the recieved data is report it. I am not sure if there is any processing of the recieved data going on (I couldnt get it running because it gave me an ioctl error on the existence of wlan0 though it was UP).

I did see some previous postings where folks were involved in adding additional management frame formats to hostapd. If anyone has an experience to share, it will be a great help.


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