Re: Sniffing/Protocol problems

From: Pedro Estrela (
Date: 2002-07-24 17:38:42 UTC

> Hi,
> I have hostap running on two laptops with Linksys
> WPC11 ver 3 cards. I am fooling around with these
> boxes with one in AP mode and the other in managed
> mode. I have following questions:
> 1. This problem has to do with sniffing the packets.
> As suggested in readme.Prism2, when I try to put my
> card in monitor mode 1, I get an error "Inteface
> doesnt accept private ioctl....", So I installed the
> latest ethereal and put the hostap in monitor mode 2
> (and 3). There are no errors but ethereal does not
> show any activity even when the client is comming up
> and associating with the AP. Sometimes when I put
> hostap in monitor mode 2 or 3, it ceases to advertise
> itself as access point and iwconfig shows its AP as
> 00:00:00:00:00:00. Has anyone else come across such
> behavior.

i assume you're sniffing in the same interface which is the AP; However, in prism2 you can either use AP mode OR sniff frames, not both. i sugest using this setup: 1 HostAP station in AP mode, 1 HostAP station in managed mode, and 1 HostAP station in sniff mode.

> 2. How can I see the list of stations currently
> associated with hostap.

check /proc/net/prism2/wlan0/...

Pedro Estrela

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