[Fwd: Re: Errors in dmesg]

From: David Levitan (david_at_dlevitan.com)
Date: 2002-07-21 04:13:58 UTC

Got this e-mail in response to my message and just wanted to post it to let people know what to do if they get this error (I haven't tried it myself since I'm upgrading my server this week, but I'll do it then and let you know if anything changes).

Please forward to this list, please


You might want to reset or 'upset' the BIOS PCI Steering function in your platform.

You would then either free up a IRQ for the pc-card adapter or release one into the free pool.

david_at_dlevitan.com wrote on 7/14/02 1:04 am:

>I'm using the driver under RH
>7.1 w/ 2.4.18 kernel, pcmcia
>3.1.33, and
>prism2 2002-05-19 in a dual
>450 Celeron with an Antec
>adapter. I just noticed today
>that my dmesg output
>consists of these
>wlan0: TXEXC - fid=0x01fd -
>status=0x0001 ([RetryErr])
> retry_count=0 tx_rate=0
>fc=0x0808 (Data::0)
> addr1=00:04:e2:0e:48:89
>Could not find STA for this
>TX error
>AP: packet to non-associated
>STA 00:04:e2:0e:48:89
>Any ideas what these entries

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