New hostap.o module and renamed files

From: Jouni Malinen (
Date: 2002-07-20 14:33:01 UTC

There is now a new module, hostap.o, that has code that was previously compiled to all hostap_{cs,plx,pci}.o modules (like, prism2_ap.c, prism2_ioctl.c, prism2_proc.c, and some parts from prism2.c). This needs to be loaded just like hostap_crypt.o before loading hostap_{cs,plx,pci}.o. I will continue moving some code to hostap.o in the future.

In addition to the new module, I also renamed all exported symbols and file names to use 'hostap' prefix instead of 'prism2'. This includes renaming procfs directory to /proc/net/hostap.

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