How reduce the number of channel to be scanned in active scanning mode?

From: Wenhui Zhang (
Date: 2002-07-18 12:44:05 UTC


The handover delay is very big in infrastructure mode. We checked the 802.11 frame during handover and found that a mobile stations sends many Probe request during handover, the captured Probe request is about 6 or 7, there might be frames that have not been captured. From the sequence number in the frame sent by the mobile terminal, we guess there might be 13 probe request during handover.

In 802.11 standard (, all channels in the "ChannelList" should be scanned, that is up to 13 channels.

In order to reduce the handover delay, we plan to fixed the channel number, for example, 3. and let the mobile terminal only send Probe request in that channel. I find the defintion in prism2_wlan.h #define HFA384X_RID_CHANNELLIST 0xFD10
What does this mean?
If I want to limit the scan to only channel 3, how can I change? Is that all I need to do to limit the number of channels to be scanned?




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