Re: prism 2+ based PCI cards

From: Yang-Hwee TAN (
Date: 2002-07-16 07:05:46 UTC

not sure if PCI adapter is something u wanna try...

i've been using a generic PCI Adapter for pc cards with Richoh R5C475II chipset, a few brands' PCI adapter are using this chipset (ie. i assume they will work as well). senao & sparklan are the 2 brands i encountered here in Singapore (Asia).

you may wana check out your region and see what's available with the same chipset.

with this pci adapter, u can use any wireless pc cards with it thereafter! ;-) hope this helps.

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> So far I have got hostap running on D-Link DWL650 PCMCIA card. I like to
> try it out with some PCI cards. Can someone point to me what cards are
> supported and if they are PCI-native or PLX-based?
> In fact is there such a database that lists cards, chip, connectors?
> It might be interesting to compose one. Should be useful for everybody.
> Jun

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