Compaq WL100 problem

From: David Bouscasse (
Date: 2002-07-15 11:56:22 UTC


just installed Libradiate 0.2 and seems I have a problem with the prism2 module to have the Compaq WL100 working in promiscuous mode.

The hostap_cs module load without any problem, 2 high-beeps, 'iwconfig wlan0' is fine, but pushing it into mode monitor with 'iwpriv wlan0 monitor 1' block the card with

Jul 15 13:53:04 peon kernel: Enabling monitor mode(1) Jul 15 13:53:04 peon kernel: wlan0: INFO fid=0x01bc -len 2 type=0xf200
Jul 15 13:53:04 peon kernel: LinkStatus=2 (Disconnected)

Any tip? thanks!


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