No DTIM for Host AP

From: R Selvaraj (
Date: 2002-07-14 07:42:22 UTC

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I'm trying to enable Host AP with DTIM event set. But, the ISR is not at all getting invoked for the DTIM event. But it is well getting invoked for other events. The Firmware Identification is as follows, PRI Identity :- CompID=21, Variant=5, Major Version = 1, Minor Version= 0

STA Identity :- CompID=31, Variant=4, Major Version = 1, Minor Version= 3

And, I'm using ad D-Link DWL-650 WLAN card. Its is a PRISM MAC.

In the Programers manual it is mentioned that DTIM is an AP-only event. Since I've configured the NIC as Host AP I thought I could get the DTIM event.But, I'm not getting the DTIM evnet as I've expected. Is because of the Station firmware I'm not getting the event ?? Or where I'm not correct ?
Also, I've tried configuring the DTIM interval from 1 to 30 with Becon period being 100msec. But, no use. I'm using LINUX 6.1.

Pls let me know what is wrong.


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