HostAP and PCI Cards (Again)

From: Jeff Luck (
Date: 2002-07-12 00:56:57 UTC

I sent this earlier but I'm not sure I was subscribed at the time. Please excuse the double post (if this gets double-posted):

At 8:37 AM -0400 7/10/02, Jeff Luck wrote:
>I've searched through the archives and it still isn't clear to me
>whether any PCI cards work with HostAP. Someone suggested the
>D-Link card but the older computer I'm using has PCI 2.1 and the
>D-Link requires PCI 2.2.
>Are there any PCI cards that people are currently using without
>problems with HostAP? Is it possible to just use a PCMCIA card with
>a PCMCIA <-> PCI adapter in a desktop PCI slot?
>Any help would be appreciated!
>Thanks, Jeff

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