Can't load firmware on WL200 (./prism2_srec -vr wlan0 s10008c3.hex)

From: JuanJo (
Date: 2002-07-10 14:16:47 UTC


   I'm trying to load 0.8.3 firmware (see attach for sources) to my WL200 RAM (with 0.8.0 firmware inside) without success, I'm getting:


   Verifying update compatibility and combining data:    Incompatible interfaces:

     SREC: role=Actor    variant=1 range=1-1 iface=Modem-Firmware
     card: role=Supplier variant=0 range=1-1 iface=Modem-Firmware
   Incompatible updata data.

I've attached a session log and prism2 rids.

and ... thanks for the GREAT work, this driver rocks !


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