Re: WAP11 Access Point Client

From: Jason Boxman (
Date: 2002-07-08 20:56:49 UTC

On Monday 08 July 2002 04:37 pm, you wrote:
> Jouni (sorry about my english),
> Impressive work on this driver.

It is.

> I was reading about HostAP and the WDS firmware bug, but I need to connect
> the HostAP to anothers APs to integrate it in my wireless network (I have
> more than 100 devices on it). I don't know if this will be possible, but
> first I was trying setting my current access point to client mode. The
> Teletronics AP test was ok, setting it in infrastructure mode, but I can't
> connect the Linksys WAP11 setting it in Access Point Client mode. Do you
> know why?

At least with my D-Link DWL900AP, setting it to "AP Client Mode" makes it the equivalent of a regular client. It's no longer an AP for me. Doing so does allow me to access the DWL900AP via a card running Host AP, but the two fail to function together when the 900AP is in AP mode. According to D-Link, their APs will only function collectively between other D-Link products.

> I suppose that when an AP is in client mode, it don't work like an AP and I
> should not have the WDS problems. Furthermore, I can ping the WAP11 from
> the HostAP, but I can't see anything in the WAP11 ethernet. Any idea about
> it?
> Any solution?
> Any solution in the near future? :)

Since no one fielded my question on this, it would seem the solution is not to not use Host AP for this particular application. If you need standalone APs, buy them, if you want boxes sitting around with Prism2 cards acting as APs, do that. At least in my particular circumstance, mixing and matching is not possible.

Hopefully someone else will call me on this and explain the true reality of the situation, as I'd like to achieve a similar setup to yours.

> I was reading in the change log about WDS changes in the next release.
> Will these changes affect this problem?
> Thanks in advance.
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