Re: CISCO Aironet 350

From: Jim Thompson (
Date: 2002-07-08 11:53:34 UTC

	On Thu, Jul 04, 2002 at 07:47:32AM -0700, Tony Toole wrote:

> Our product has Linux roots, which, along with the GPL is on our manual, but
> our Wireless drivers are not based on any GPL code, and are developed
> in-house by yours truly.
> This is why I'm more interested in Cisco's cooperation than any existing
> driver that may be for Linux.
The GPL does not have an advertising clause like a version of the BSD license, so that is not a requirement, but you are obligated to supply the source for works derived from GPLed code. Are you willing to do this, possibly for a fee? (I haven't read your manual so I don't know what it states on the subject.) Your drivers are probably free from GPL licensing demands since they are written by you.

You are confused.

	Now for the real question, :-) since you've worked with Lucent/Agere do
	you think they would allow a GPL or other open source licensed driver
	for their "hostap" mode? Does it require a special firmware load for
	this to work akin to the Prism2 AP tertiary firmware?

There is no 'hostap' mode for the Hermes/Ruby chipset.

No, Lucent/Agere won't GPL the driver.

Have you been listening at all?


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