Re: CISCO Aironet 350

From: Jim Thompson (
Date: 2002-07-04 03:06:27 UTC

Yes, the 4800B was nearly the same PC card as the 340. The 4800E card was the slightly older, slightly more costly, 100mW version. The 4800E/340 use a Prism2 "RF" section. The 350 is back up to 100mW, and has better rx sensitivity when compared to the 4800B/340, and much better multipath rejection.

The MAC on Cisco/Aironet is their own, and though it indeed shares a common lineage with Prism2 and yes, even Lucent/Agere's Hermes/Ruby chipset, you won't find a quick way to turn one into an AP. Just as there is no 'hostap' mode on the Hermes or Ruby, there is no 'hostap' mode on the Aironet (now Cisco) MAC.

Cisco claims to provide an OEM 'miniPCI' module. I have yet to see one in the wild:

BAWUG has photos:

the green board is a PCI to miniPCI adaptor. They run about $80 each in small quantities.

More pics of Cisco cards can be found at the FCC website.

	Is there any technical information available for the Cisco?  I'm interested
	in writing a driver for them, personally.  Perhaps Cisco would be
	forthcoming with the required information?

If you want a STA driver (for BSS mode) or a driver for IBSS mode, they already exist. If you want an AP driver, you'll need the right firmware, and to know how to access the register set (most of the registers are defined in the linux/*bsd drivers.) As Nigel has alluded, you'll need more luck than skill.

Since 100mW and even 200mW Prism 2.5 miniPCI and PC Cards are available, just why is it you want a (closed) Cisco card?


p.s. I've started to sell the 200mW PC Cards, and as soon as I get FCC clearance,

      I'll be selling a 200mW miniPCI/pigtails/antennas kit as well.  Contact me
      off-list if you're interested.

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