Re: CISCO Aironet 350.

From: Michael Codanti (
Date: 2002-07-03 15:33:35 UTC

> Are you sure that Aironet 350 is not based on the prims2 chipset ?
> I have readed that CISCO renamed the Aironet 4800B series to Cisco Aironet
> when it adquired the Aironet company and the Aironet 4800B series were
> on prism2 chipset.
> Cisco Aironet 350 is equivalent to the 340 series with a greater transmit
> power and then I believe that it mus be estill based on the prism2

>>From what I understand Cisco/Aironet started with the Prism chipset (just
like Lucent) and modified it for themselves. My further understanding is they actually use part of the Prism chips, but have their own MAC which isn't Prism compatible.

No HostAP support for Cisco cards. :-(


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