Does the driver support WEP in AP mode ?

From: dennis (
Date: 2002-06-29 16:26:05 UTC

I haven't seen anything in the doc's that clearly state that HostAP mode does not support WEP so I thought I'd pose the question to check.

As tunnelling ALL traffic from workstation/laptop to it's source isn't usually possible wouldn't we all be allowing anyone to plug into our AP's.

I am aware that WEP offers little protection, (airsnort) but why make life SO much easier, anyone with netstumber and a packet sniffer can see everything... tunnelling ALL traffic is not really possible in the real world

If WEP is not supported in HostAP mode, it effectively means that the only use for the driver in HostAP is for a PTP link utilising IPSec (etc.)

Comments ?

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