Cards works with HostAP.

From: Yang-Hwee TAN (
Date: 2002-06-29 02:32:00 UTC


i've done a few test on the HostAP with the following cards, just to share this info to you for reference.

WirelessLAN PC Cards Tested

  Cards compatible to operate with HostAP:

  Cards NOT compatible to operate with HostAP:

I'm very keen to move onto the bridging and roaming next. hope i have time to get it up so that i can share my experience nx week.

Meantime, i'm also looking into the open1x implementation with the Xapplicant. Anyone else tried that? Please share your experience. :-)

Something not totally related to HostAP was that i've successfully used a PCI adapter (R5C475II chipset) to run on my redhat 7.3 system, very seamless and nice. :-) now the Hostap is running on that system doing routing for the WirelessLAN users to the wired Internet connection.

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