Manually forcing Vcc?

From: Aaron Baer (
Date: 2002-06-28 16:58:42 UTC

Is there a way to specifically force the Vcc that you need used? I'm working with an older Latitude LM laptop and the docs state support for both 5v and 3.3v however every time the card is loaded (RangeLAN-DS flashed with zcomax flash upgrade) the system tries to load it at 5v.

So far these are the steps I've used to make the card work. Originally when loading the card I was getting this error:  hostap_cs: GetNextTuple: No more items
 get dev info on socket 1 failed : Resource temporarily unavailable.  shutting down socket 1

I found information about using dump_cis and pack_cis to create the correct card information so I created RangLAN.dat and copied it to /etc/pcmcia/cis and added a line to hostap_cs.conf to specify that file. Which didn't solve the problem. A person on my local wireless list mentioned ingnore_cis_vcc=1 so I added that to config.opts: module "hostap_cs" opts "ignore_cis_vcc=1"

I am able to load the card and it now gets an irq properly but it loads at the wrong voltage so hostap is unable to finish out the job and the wlan0 device is unable to be "brought up".

The logs show things like this:

wlan0: hfa384x_cmd - timeoiut2 - reg=0x8000
wlan0: hfa384x_get_rid: CMDCODE_ACCESS failed (res=-110)
wlan0: MAC port 0 enabling failed

Assuming that this is because the card is being loaded at 5v is there anyway to set Vcc=3.3v manually? Or is there some other thing that needs to be done.


Aaron Baer

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