0 process space

From: Jerritt Collord (collord_at_collord.net)
Date: 2002-06-28 03:59:27 UTC

Just a note that somewhat concerns resilience, etc. in certain applications for HostAP.

I had read a while ago about people building firewall machines that intentionally nuked process space after the rules had been established. I seem to remember this only worked for 2.2x kernels but don't recall.

At any rate, today I find that HostAP bridging will work after process space is nuked (aka kernel panic) but ONLY in passing traffic for already associated stations.

HostAP still sends beacons and responds to Probe Requests, but it looks like HostAP doesn't send the Authentication response to the client's Authentication.

WDS packets still pass to APs that were added before panic; I have to admit I still don't set up automatic bridging, etc. so didn't the more dynamic parts of it.


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