Re: HostAP on FreeBSD.

From: Terry Schmidt (
Date: 2002-06-22 23:49:18 UTC

> Hi everybody. May I should read the docs before asking this... but i'm
tired of reading docs :P

You should always read the docs first, but this answer probably isn't in the docs.

> Well, i'm thinking about migrating my server to FreeBSD but i don't know
if the HostAP driver will > compile or work on FreeBSD, does anyone tested the driver on that OS???

HostAP driver has been ported to FreeBSD and in included in the standard distribution and the standard FreeBSD Prism driver. It is included in 4.6-RELEASE. AFAIK there is one last bug in the HostAP driver in FreeBSD where it will have problems with Cisco clients, but there is a diff available that fixes this, and the fix should be put in to the stable branch soon.

To enable HostAP under FreeBSD

# kldload if_wi (device wi)
# ifconfig wi0 ssid "foo" channel 6 mediaopt hostap up

To enable bridging of the HostAP device under FreeBSD

# kldload bridge (options BRIDGE)
# sysctl net.inet.ip.forwarding="1"
# sysctl"1"
# sysctl"wi0 fxp0"


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