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From: Tony Toole (
Date: 2002-06-19 15:10:26 UTC

802.11[b] does not support 802.1d bridging while in station (Infrastructure / Ad-Hoc) modes due to how the AccessPoint directs packets to the stations. To solve this shortcoming, you can either do PtP HostAP with WDS, or use a vtun tunnel between the client and AP (or the router behind the AP).

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Antti Seppänen wrote:

>I have been trying to build a Linux box with two wireless interfaces
>Lucent Cardbus bridges (PCI1410 chip) and D-Link DWL-650 PC cards. One
>the interfaces should act as an access point and another one should be
>client for real WLAN access point (Lucent AP-1000). I would like to
>packets from access point interface to the rest of the network through
>client interface. (See the diagram below.)
>laptop_1 <---> AP_interface_in_linux <---> client_interface_in_linux
>Lucent_AP-1000 <---> laptop_2
>Is this kind of bridging possible to implement? I have had problems
>ping icmp replies back at laptop_1 (Ping from laptop_1 to laptop_2).
>icmp requests seem to travel through the bridge as I can see them
>at laptop_2 with tcpdump. Also ping replies are sent by laptop_2 and
>Lucent_AP-1000, but nothing is received at client_interface_in_linux.
>Should bridging work in my case when I have another interface in
>mode and not in "Master" mode or is my problem something else?

I have this working fine here. With two ISA Vadem + 2 orinoco silver card and orinoco_cs driver. With hostap driver I only know that is possible (2 LG PCI Card had been configured correctly in my box), but I did not test in a production environment, as I make with orinoco_cs.

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