Bridging with two wireless interfaces

From: Antti Seppänen (
Date: 2002-06-19 05:51:32 UTC


I have been trying to build a Linux box with two wireless interfaces using Lucent Cardbus bridges (PCI1410 chip) and D-Link DWL-650 PC cards. One of the interfaces should act as an access point and another one should be a client for real WLAN access point (Lucent AP-1000). I would like to bridge packets from access point interface to the rest of the network through client interface. (See the diagram below.)

laptop_1 <---> AP_interface_in_linux <---> client_interface_in_linux <---> Lucent_AP-1000 <---> laptop_2

Is this kind of bridging possible to implement? I have had problems getting ping icmp replies back at laptop_1 (Ping from laptop_1 to laptop_2). Ping icmp requests seem to travel through the bridge as I can see them arriving at laptop_2 with tcpdump. Also ping replies are sent by laptop_2 and also Lucent_AP-1000, but nothing is received at client_interface_in_linux.

Should bridging work in my case when I have another interface in "Managed" mode and not in "Master" mode or is my problem something else?



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