Re: D-Link DWL-520

From: Jouni Malinen (
Date: 2002-06-17 17:19:29 UTC

On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 12:55:05PM -0300, Roberto A. Quini wrote:

> I'm having troubles with dwl-520 pci card.
> Using hostap_pci.o The messages are:
> # modprobe hostap_pci
> -----output of dmesg--------------------------------
> hostap_pci: hostap_pci.c 0.0.0 2002-05-19 (SSH Communications Security Corp, Jouni Malinen)
> hostap_pci: (c) SSH Communications Security Corp <>
> PCI: Found IRQ 11 for device 00:0b.0
> PCI: Sharing IRQ 11 with 00:01.1
> hostap_pci: Registered netdevice wlan0

OK so far. PCI device id was recognized and hostap_pci stated initializing the card.

> wlan0: COR sreset timeout

That's not good.. I haven't seen this with any PCI Prism2.5 card. linux-wlan-ng uses much larger delay in COR sreset for some reason, but it was not required on any of my cards. Anyway, you might try defining PRISM2_PCI_USE_LONG_DELAYS and retesting with this. Check driver/modules/hostap_pci.c for some info about this (prism2_pci_cor_sreset() function).

> prism2_hw_init()
> wlan0: hfa384x_cmd - timeout - reg=0xffff
> hostap_pci: first command failed - is the card compatible?
> hostap_pci: Initialization failed

This is quite expected since COR sreset timed out and the card is in unknown state.

> And with pcmcia:

Isn't DWL-520 native PCI card based on Prism2.5? hostap_pci is the correct choice for it and hostap_cs will not work.

> Some time ago the same card did work perfectly!

Have you upgraded firmware on the card? Have you tested with any other driver (i.e., does the card work at all anymore)?

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