RE: Prism 2.5 cards?

From: Tony Toole (
Date: 2002-06-17 05:04:38 UTC

lol! Question sounds somewhat familiar. :)  

Here is a list of sites I got, that have Prism 2.5 based cards. <> <> (XI-325 regular, XI-325H 200mW version) .html  

Hope this helps,  

Tony Toole  

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From: Mark Kelly [] Sent: Sunday, June 16, 2002 9:39 PM
Subject: Prism 2.5 cards?  

 Can someone please let me know of a source for good Prism 2.5 pcmcia (not PCI) cards?
I would like to get a hold of a few for testing. (Brand doesn't much matter)


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