High speed hang up.

From: Vasu (vasu_at_ee.iitb.ac.in)
Date: 2002-06-16 10:34:27 UTC


I have a DWL 650 card on my laptop, and I have comfigured my DWL 500 on my linux box as an Access Point, with hostap_cs driver. It is working excellent, except for a problem when I download data at a high rate. When I transfer files at a rate of 5 Mbps, the Linux box hangs up sometimes. I would expect the data rate to have a bottle neck of 2 Mbps, but that is not happening too.

So, how can I avoid hangup ? and how can I access data at a rate > 2 Mbps when my card supports just 2 Mbps in the Config utility.


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