Problem with transfer rate.

From: Samuel Partida (
Date: 2002-06-14 18:10:12 UTC

Hello, my name is Samuel Partida, i'm from SevillaWireless, a group of people trying to make a free wireless network here in Spain.

I'm having problems with my private network, I have this equipment:

Conceptronic PCMCIA 802.11b Card with PCI Adapter on a Linux Box, mode Master.

D-Link DWL650 802.11b PCMCIA on a Linux Laptop, mode Managed.

iwconfig shows a transfer rate of 11mbps and a link of 72/92 but doing transfer of big files from one machine to another, i can't get more than 80kbyte/sec, i had the same problem trying from two conceptronics and i've tested it in Ad-Hoc mode even changing many settings with iwconfig like the freqs and channels and txpower and some more without having any solution.

Of course i'm using the latest release of the HostAP driver and i've tried with the linux-wlan-ng with the same problem.

Does anyone knows why this could happen???

Samuel Partida


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