Re: Change in Intersil cards?

From: Pavel Roskin (
Date: 2002-06-14 12:18:33 UTC

Hi, Martin!

> I've been using mostly Philips Prism2 cards with HostAP and they have been
> working great. But today I got some new cards delivered and suddenly they
> don't work in HostAP mode. I get no unusual messages in any logs, but
> clients can't find any AP with the specified ESSID.

I tried cards with Intersil firmware 0.8.3 and 1.3.5. Only cards with firmware 0.8.3 worked with HostAP.

You can try flashing 0.8.3 firmware into your cards from using prism2dl from the same site and linux-wlan-ng drivers from

But be careful - firmware for hfa3841 may not work with hfa3842 chip. If I remember correctly, the third of 5 words in CFISupRange (FID 0xFD0D) is 1 for hfa3841 and 2 for hfa3842.

Another solution would be to debug the driver and fix support for 1.3.5 firmware. Then you should give much more details about messages from the driver, so that somebody could look into them.

Pavel Roskin

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