RE: Lucent Orinoco with hostap 02-05-19

From: Martin Whitlock (
Date: 2002-06-12 15:16:24 UTC

> That sounds quite odd.. Did I understand it correctly: with AP running
> hostap 2002-04-21, station using Orinoco card (wvlan_cs/orinoco_cs driver)
> works fine, but 2002-04-24 or anything newer on the AP causes the station
> to panic? Can you repeat this?

That is correct with a modification... I seem to have forgotten to test v2002-04-24 so the problem could actually have come with v2002-05-02. I will try that release as soon as possible, but right now I have lost my compiled version of it. Will check it tomorrow morning.

> Indeed it sounds strange. I have had no problems with using orinoco_cs
> as the client with hostap driver being the AP, but I would have to admit
> that I'm still using an ancient version of orinoco_cs (0.08a from Oct
> 2001). Which version of the orinoco_cs are you using? wvlan_cs/orinoco_cs
> do not handle management frames on the host driver, so this would need to
> be something else. I would also be suprised if encapsulation/decapsulation
> of data frames had such a bug.

I'm using v1.0.6 of wvlan_cs and orinoco_cs v.0.09b. At first I thought that it was wds frames that made orinoco cards confused, but the problem was still there even when I turned wds off.


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